Foxhunting: Overview

Foxhunting: riders on horseback and hounds riding in a countryside lane; one hound is on the foreground
Foxhunting; ©M. Hart

Foxhunting has been a controversial issue in Britain for a long time. Pro-hunt supporters maintain that fox hunting controlled the fox population and it was, in a way, a form of pest control rather than a sport. Anti-hunt supporters argue that it was an inhumane sport. Foxhunting has been illegal in Scotland since 2002 and in England and Wales since 2005.

Discover about the history of foxhunting in Britain and the research done on foxhunting in these pages. Learn more about how many foxes there are in Britain and about trends in numbers or whether the ban on hunting is going to have an effect on fox numbers in Britain. Use the menu of the left hand side or, if you prefer, explore our Question & Answer section below.

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