Disease: Overview

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Foxes harbour many parasites and diseases. There are considerable numbers of studies on parasites and diseases of foxes dealing with prevalence in foxes, disease spread and aspects of transmission to people and animals. Much research has focussed on rabies, the fox tapeworm (scientific name Echinococcus multilocularis) and the sarcoptic mange mite (scientific name Sarcoptes scabiei). Rabies and the fox tapeworm are present and ongoing issues on mainland Europe and North America (but are not found in Britain), whilst sarcoptic mange affects many fox populations globally.

A flea
Fleas commonly parasitise foxes

In these pages you can find information on the types of diseases and parasites foxes may transmit, on the risks to yourself and your pet, simple precautions to take to avoid many risks and a section on treatment of the most common ailments. The information presented is taken from research that veterinary and biologists have carried out on foxes across the world.

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